Happy Birthday Alex. You still mean so much to me. You, Jack, Zack and Rian mean a whole lot to me. All Time Low has been with me for almost 6 years now and you guys haven’t failed to make me happy since it started. Just yesterday I had a really bad morning because of things a couple of people said to me, then when I got into art class instead of listening to some random playlist, I went back to you guys and began to listen through So Wrong It’s Right. It put me in such a better mood because a lot of the lyrics mean so much and they’ve meant so much for a really long time and I started tearing up a little but I had to hold it back because I was in school haha. But anyway you guys mean the world and deserve the world and I’m so glad you guys are a part of my life. Alex you really do mean the world to me you’re one of my favorite people in the world and I couldn’t ask for somebody better to look up to. When I see you guys live you can so say little to make it mean so much and worthwhile and I really just can’t explain that you mean a lot to me. Thank you for everything and thank you for always being here.

Love you always,


Going to the House Party Tour in October……..should I try to do some fan book/letters/whatever type thing again??????  

Anonymous asked:
are the pictures definitely up because no new pics came up on my laptop?

yes, alex is holding an envelope that says all time low fan letters which is what we gave him :)

Yes, I did get the letters to the guys (one of them in particular) but I don’t want to tell you all the whole story yet because I took pictures and my camera and computer are not getting along right now so yeah but I will post it all tomorrow but I swear if you sent a letter it got to the boys!

N xxxx

If you haven’t yet, submit a fan letter for All Time Low!!!!!!!!! We will give it to them at the show on Sunday! Thanks xxx

mattea-renae asked:
When do the letters have to be in by?

you have like 5 days good luck :)

May not make a complete book for the letters because we expected to get more than we have, but we will for sure get your letters to them. Still keep sending them in!!!!!!

Anonymous asked:
If we want to add a picture to our letter for the fan book can we post it and add gaskarthquotes as a tag?

Yes you can!

Oh hey guys I just realized, if you submit something and it doesn’t go through, try making a post and tagging us in it! (we have 15 entries now thank you guys so much for cooperating with us haha)

We track gaskarthquotes.


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