Anonymous asked:
For the fan book is there like anything you want us to write or just whatever we feel like?

Anything you would like to say to All Time Low!

Anonymous asked:
Wait so who are you giving the fan book to? All the bands on tour?

We’re making the book for All Time Low only. So sorry!

lovelastsonlysolong asked:
How do you submit letters and stuff?

Just type out what you’d like to say to them, then go to our submit page and copy the message into there and send it in!


I really want to make this fan book but we have so little entries I’m not seeing a purpose in creating it off of that. I’ve decided I would like to make a book with letters. Not just short messages but also letters. You can send in whatever you want of a message to them in whatever length you want. I want this to really make the boys appreciate us and bring a smile to their faces. Please send them in as soon as possible because I’m going to see them on the 14th.

Also I am so truly sorry that I never took pictures of the last book. It really did turn out incredible. Reading through it myself made me smile and bring tears to my eyes. When i gave it to them, Jack grabbed my hand and looked up to me and said thank you, and he saw the tears come in my eyes and I could tell they seriously cared and really appreciated it. I couldn’t of gotten a better reaction out of them and you guys helped me make that happen. Thank you so much.

I promise this time I will take pictures hahah. Thanks guys and please send in something!!!! If you have any important questions please send them in, I’ll be sure to answer!

N x

Anonymous asked:
Not a question but... I'm gonna try to submit my letter for the ATL fan book when I get home. Since I can't submit it on my phone. If you could post pictures that would be great... No pressure... The last one I submitted my note and I never saw the pictures that she was supposed to post of it.. Doing these fan books is such a good idea :)

Soo sorry, we ran out of time and rushed and forgot to take pictures!! The only picture we took was the one of the cover that looked like the Nothing Personal album. I can assure you ATL loved it :)

Anonymous asked:
Two months till the show? Are you going to the April 30th date?

April 14th x

Fan book!!!!

For the upcoming tour with PTV, I would really love to make another fan book of some kind to give to the boys. I am terribly sorry that I never took pictures of the last one we made that I gave to them on the last tour, I literally forgot and felt horrible. It did turn out amazing and the reaction I got out of them was priceless, one of the happiest days of my life. So a NEW FAN BOOK. Submit anything you want to say to them. Thank you’s, letters, messages, whatever you’d like to. At the moment I have no limits of what you can submit for the book, just nothing too long please! I have no VIP tickets of any kind but I have an idea on how to get it to them. Still unsure of exactly what I’m doing with all the letters and such yet but i want to do something with help from y’all, give me some ideas too! Any questions please just ask. Thank you so much!


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